Christmas Prayer 2017

As I sit and look out my window this Christmas morning, the cold snow covers the field and lays like a blanket till it touches the grey sky. I can hardly imagine what a cold and lifeless place this world would be if Christ had never been born. My heart is warmed by thoughts of Christmas’ past and the joy I remember as a child and times spent with my family, and suddenly a cold chill radiates down my spine…. There are those in this world who have never experienced the warmth of God’s love through his gracious gift of his Son Jesus Christ….. and some who have no family to spend this blessed day with. I much like my father having been educated in the field of engineering am a “fixer”, whether it be a broken down vehicle or something broken around the house….. or broken heart or life, I am driven to help “fix” the problem. Unfortunately, being human there is only so much one can do…. And I find myself often frustrated with the situations around me. Thanks be to God….God knows my heart and my weaknesses, and with never ending love uses both, I find that when he knocks at the door of my life, and if I let him in, he guides me every day , and with everything my life. And it is that point I wish to lift up on this Christmas day. For many Christmas is a event… a date on the calendar…a yearly event….. but it is so much more. God in his infinite wisdom sent his Son to save us…. Not just on December 25th…… but every day. Christ coming into our world, our lives is a ongoing daily event……..IF WE LET IT HAPPEN!! When we let Christ into our lives and acknowledge him daily we are changed, our lives are changed, and how people see us is changed. Those situations that once frustrated us are now met with new drive and purpose….. God’s purpose.

Often people are asked what is your Christmas wish…… for me I believe in prayer more than a wish….

Gracious God, on a cold morning like this, as I gaze across the snow-covered fields, I ponder the thought… what life would be like without you… and I shudder at the thought. Thanks be to you for your loving gift of your Son on that first Christmas day so many years ago. I pray as we gather today with friends and family we remember what a gracious gift of hope, peace, joy and love it was, a gift that was not given just once, but given every day of one’s life if we are willing to receive it. May that gift shine in us and through us, just as the star of Bethlehem’s light pierced the darkness of the night sky, may the light of Christ that shines in us pierce the darkness of our world today.